Trace-And-Draw, Toy Stories

Product image 1Trace-And-Draw, Toy Stories
Product image 2Trace-And-Draw, Toy Stories
Product image 3Trace-And-Draw, Toy Stories
Product image 4Trace-And-Draw, Toy Stories

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Recreate beautiful patent drawings illustrating centuries-old brilliant ideas.
Trace over 30 patent drawings, and Voila! You have a body of your own artworks.

Trace and draw, a beautiful drawing art is completed within minutes!
Enjoy retro-style of centuries-old patent drawings.
Awaken your creative instinct with portable artbook.
Be inspired by brilliant ideas by ingenious minds of the past.
Separable individual drawings are great as a gift.
16-sheet artbook with tracing paper.
Sugarcane paper makes the artbook eco-friendly.

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